Spanish Technology Company founded in 2013. Focused on materials and treatments for foundry and high temperature industries,. ATD has `specialized on research and development of new electro ceramics materials for thermal energy recovery and electron emission applications.

ATD put in place in 2015 an R&D&I project for the synthesis of C12A7 material and its transformation in “electride” C12A7:e- for use in thermionic emission devices. Then, in 2017 began concrete applications based on thin film material deposition usable in nano technology devices (chips).

Since then, and based on the successful outcomes of the different R&D activities, ATD has opened several applications fields projects:

  • Electric Propulsion devices for spacecrafts
    • NEMESIS1. Novel Electride Material for Enhanced electrical propulSIon Solutions
    • Photo Enhanced Thermionic Emission (PETE) devices (E.T.PACK2 project lead by UC3M)
    • New efficient cathodes for H2 generation and fuel cells, water treatment, etc.
    • Solid state devices for direct conversion of heat into electricity (thermionic cells)